This blog is a site for personal religious musings, devotionals, crafts, food, and thoughts on family and how the gods move in my life.  The focus is primarily Norse pagan, and will also include spirituality, spiritualism, witchcraft, and the occasional nod to my Christian husband.


My name is Lakota and I am a disabled, queer, trans androgyne using zie/zir pronouns.  I worship Loki, Sigyn, Hel, Fenrir, and Jormungandr.  I also honor and venerate other gods as well as plant spirits, land spirits, house wights, and the like.  I practice witchcraft with various flavors of Southern traditional, kitchen withcraft, green magic, and hedgecraft.  I speak to spirits, practice divination, and frequently journey.

Also, I love tea, coffee, needle- and fiber-crafts of all kinds, food, painting, horror movies, and my family.